Sunday, August 21, 2011

Day of Service

Saturday was a Branch service project.  We picked up trash at a local park.  Many families were there, and, as you can see, kids will play on anything - even dilapidated old (dangerous!) park toys.  Its a little sad that the park isn't in better repair.  You can see the remains of a children's pool, animal statues throughout the park, and a building that used to be a library.

There are many beautiful, old trees of a wide variety.  The tallest tree was home to more than a dozen large cranes.  Because it is winter, most of the leaves are gone, so you can see all of their nests.  They made quite a noise as we cleaned up below them.

Although it was a small dent in the mountain of trash that litters Luanda, it was good to see the difference in the park.  We made a special effort to pick up broken glass and rusty old cans that children could step on.  We may "adopt" this park, and hopefully future service projects will bring fresh paint to cover the graffiti, and repair some of the broken toys.

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  1. What a great service project and a neat way to get to know the members in your area! It is fun to see those yellow Mormon Helping Hands vests even in Angola!