Saturday, August 20, 2011

My Daily Commute

One of the best things about living in Torres Atlantico is my daily commute to work.  I take the elevator to the first floor of the residence tower (actually the 5th floor because there is a 4-story parking garage below it) and walk across the patio to the office building.  My desk is on the same floor as the patio, so I walk in the door and sit down at my desk.  Total travel time (depending on the wait for the elevator) is approximately 4 minutes, which is even shorter than my commute in Anchorage!

Because the apartment is so close, I can come home for lunch, or run up to get something if I forgot it.  Cool.

Here's what my daily commute looks like.  I walk across the patio, and through the gate at the far end.  The gate is locked, and only residents of the apartment building can get through it.

This is the view from one of the openings in the patio wall.

The buildings around the office and apartment are much older - some are very old.  Because Luanda is so crowded and housing is in such short supply, people live in every possible space.  A sight that I will always associate with Luanda is laundry drying on the balcony.

Here are some more photos of the buildings around the neighborhood


  1. I love your commute!!! And what a "room with a view"!!
    You described your commute like I described my travels back and forth across town!
    Em and I just drove to Utah!! Needless to say, I thought about you guys a lot, and was wishing I could talk to you about all the little unique things along the way. It was great. We started on Monday and arrived Friday night. No reservations, a few "no room in the inn" comments, and a smoking room one night; the were all made up for by the great rooms we had in two small, older, family owned places.
    Love you guys.

  2. That is a very interesting neighborhood you have there. Just a bit different from Turnagain. What a dream commute you have to work! The envy of many Alaskan's especially when the snow and ice come to town.

  3. Very interesting. Thanks for sharing. It was good to see you again.